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At UK Grease Traps Direct we believe that environmental responsibility and awareness is an important matter for every business even if waste management may not be the most exciting of areas. We offer a range of grease traps and accessories with the aim of reducing build-ups and blockages in drainage systems commonly caused by the fats, oil and grease typically associated with commercial kitchens.

We have been supplying the catering industry for over 20 years and understand exactly what our customers need. We concentrate on high quality manufacture, outstanding performance and enhanced efficiency, all at low prices and backed by our comprehensive customer service. 

All kitchens will have to deal with some form of grease and fats, with quantities increasing in relation to the size of the operation and number of meals produced. Disposing of these waste products directly into the sink allows large, untreated volumes of FOG to enter the main drainage system, eventually building up into a 'fat berg' which is capable of causing major blockages. This will often have a detrimental impact on the environment and the business operation itself. Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, provide the ideal solution to tackle these problems. Fats and grease are filtered from waste water prior to entering the drainage system, being safely stored in the trap until cleaned out and disposed of appropriately, allowing the water to flow freely into the drain. Unfortunately, there are businesses that still fail to take this issue seriously, hence it becoming a matter of key importance for governing bodies, with a tougher stance being taken with offenders. Don't be caught out with costly cleaning bills; invest in a quality grease trap to maximise eco-friendly practises and make sure you're doing your bit for the environment.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 19/06/2019 - Putting Unruly Fatbergs to Good Use
    The Origins of a Fatberg
  • 12/02/2019 - Anatomy of a Fatberg
    Ever thought about where that residual juice, fat, oil and grease from cooking equipment, trays and plates goes once it’s disappeared down your sink? Despite what many people think, it doesn’t just wash cleanly down the pipes to a treatment centre.
  • 29/01/2019 - Whitechapel – Just the Tip of the Fatberg
    Following the well publicised discovery of what is thought to be the UK’s largest fatberg on record in Whitechapel 2017, the issue of congealed masses of public waste has hit the headlines.

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UK Grease Traps Direct

UK grease traps helped me out when I was in a real pickle with the water board - advising me on the best option for properly getting rid of my kitchen oil waste. The cost was pennies compared to the fine I was being threatened with from the water company & I haven't had any issues since so I'd really recommend the them.


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