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Performance Boost for Pressure Regulators

26 April 2012

The gas technology specialist WITT has increased the performance of its dome-loaded pressure regulator models 757LE and 737LE-HD even more.

As a result, the top version 757LE now provides a flow rate factor 36 percent higher with a Kv value of 15: WITT has been able to boost the maximum input pressure of many gases in the high-pressure regulator 737LE-HD by 50 percent to 300 bar.

Both dome-loaded pressure regulators are also available as a set including control module, pressure gauges as well as connecting parts. The pressure regulator sets are fully assembled and tested and ready for installation in the gas line. When extended by a safety valve, the 737LE-HD can also be used as a powerful manifold pressure regulator in future applications.

The manufacturer’s extensive dome-loaded pressure regulator portfolio is characterised by a constant working pressure over the entire outlet range, irrespective of inlet pressure fluctuations. “With our new generation of dome-loaded pressure regulators, we have been able to improve the already excellent control performance yet again. Even highly fluctuating gas consumption cannot impair the quality of the working processes”, stresses Product Manager Andreas Heyer.

The pressure is set via a control pressure regulator, which is supplied with either a seperate gas or the gas to be regulated (own medium). The wide control ranges from 0.1 to 45 bar working pressure as well as connection options for e.g. pressure transmitters, are further features of the low-maintenance model series from WITT, these especially recommended for applications with the highest quality specifications. More on this at in the Internet.

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