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Number one at your next event……Vulcascot and cable safety

04 May 2012

The amount of electrical equipment required at hospitality events seems to grow every year.

From microphones and discos decks to temporary lighting and heating and the generators that provide the power all requirr cabling of some sort and presents ever more hazardous risks of tripping and falling. Luckily the huge Vulcascot range contains a cable protector to match any cable size of venue and conditions.

Step up the presentation of your event by making unsightly power supply cables safe and tidy despite them running across grass or tarmac where guests are mingling simply  select a Vulcascot Cable Protector.Yours guest are then completely safe and cannot trip over.

The largest range of its type in Europe, Vulcascot Cable Protectors prevents cables getting pulled out by accident or damaged when run over by vehicles which could potentially affect your lighting or sound and lose the quality of your event.There is even some mighty profiles to carry power across the entrance roads which doubles as traffic calmers.

If you are in the business of managing events you cannot afford to be without Vulcascot cable protector products. 

You cannot afford to short change safety even for a one- off event,using hazard printed  tape to fasten cable to the floor is not a solution especially where stiletto heels are concerned which can easily pierce through a tape and into the live cable with potentially horrendous consequences.

Swap this inferior product right away and look at the huge range of profile sizes offered by Vulcascot, you will not be surprised to find that there is a profile to fit every cable size all of which can be used time and time again paying for itself in no time at all especially as they can  be rolled up and stored.Soon these products will become a standard  part of your event kit.

Vulcascot, the manufacturers of Europes most comprehensive range of surface laid, flexible cable protectors explains that,“ there is no sophistication in using one of the 30 odd profiles it is really just common sense and alleviates any potential personal injury or insurance claims for broken limbs.”

The product range is now huge and caters for the tiniest fibre optic and telephone  cables running across marquees to cable protectors with high visibility hazard warning stripes for car parks and and areas of pedestrian congestion.

Vulcascot cable protectors are available direct or from your local electrical ddistributor. Around the World from Europe to the Middle East and the Far East and Australia the name Vulcascot is synonymous with cable protection.

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