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Dichloromethane - No longer allowed to be sold or used within the EU?

04 May 2012

Did you know that on 6th December 2011, the derogation period for the sale of Dichloromethane (DCM) expired and therefore Dichloromethane is no longer allowed to be sold or used within the EU?*


Decision 455/2009/EC means that if the paint stripper products and graffiti removers that you presently use have Dichloromethane in their chemical makeup they will be affected by this ban!

G.B. Sport & Leisure are pleased to introduce Graffiti Go! A revolutionary non-toxic, water based, solvent free graffiti remover, which safely and effectively removes graffiti from different substrates and surfaces.

Graffiti Go statement in the European Parliament Regarding the banning of Dichloromethane (DCM) in the EU to watch a video of a speech by Graham Watson MEP click here

Graffiti Go is supplied in 500ml reusable trigger spray bottles, together with 5 litre refill bottles meaning reduced on-going costs and improved recycling of the containers
No toxic chemicals
Solvent free
Suitable for use in confined spaces
Does not burn skin
Non polluting
Non flammable
Non caustic

Graffiti Go is in available from stock for NEXT DAY DELIVERY and available to buy online!

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