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Scale down and save customers money with Sesi

08 May 2012

Installers can save their customers in hard water areas up to £100 a year on their energy bills by buying Sentinel’s new scale reducer – the Salamander Sesi – at an exclusive promotional price of £29.99 from Plumb Center and Parts Center.

As well as improving efficiency and lowering customers’ fuel costs, Sesi helps installers to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations, which requires them to fit a scale reducer on a heating system in hard water areas prior to fitting a new boiler.

Scaling, which occurs in hard water areas, is a result of deposition of either lime or black oxide debris, and is a major contributor to corrosion of the system and rising fuel bills. To put this into context, the average life of a boiler’s heat exchanger is normally between 10 to 15 years, but in hard water areas this is cut by 80%, reducing lifespans to just three years.

Installers can check to see if their latest job is in a hard water area by using the new free Sesi app, which can be downloaded from the App store or via the Sentinel website. Other features of the app include a video showing installers how to use the product, as well as where the nearest branch of Plumb Center and Parts Center is.

For more information call into your local Plumb Center or Part Center. To find your nearest branch visit, or, call 0870 1622557 or download the Plumb Center and Part Center iPhone App from the App store.

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