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Discover the 6 Mistakes most people make when purchasing an Automatic door

15 May 2012

Like any product or service there are a lot of variables. There are several common mistakes made when purchasing automatic doors.

1. Cost of spare parts
When installing a new door this is probably the last question on your mind. But like a car it’s the overall lifetime cost. Some door systems are very cheap to install but spares can often outweigh the original installation cost. My advice would be to get some approximate cost of consumables at an early stage.

2. Cost of maintenance/callouts
What will the cost be to service you door? Like any machine, boat, motorcycle, car etc... Machines need regular maintenance. Automatic doors are complicated machines and as such the cost you pay a specialist company can be up to hundreds of pounds. Ask for a cost before you choose to buy.

3. Warranty length
Ask about the length of warranty of the equipment and what is covered. Most come with 12 Months warranty but some will have 18Months or have an extended warranty option. Also some “consumables” I.E. Wear and tear may not be covered, Find out upfront.

4. Freedom of use
Ask a simple question “Should for any reason I decide not to use your company to maintain my doors are the parts available to all professional door companies?”
This may sound strange but it is your right to have whichever door contractor maintain your system you deem necessary. Some manufacturers will not sell spares to other door companies or have programming systems that are not available to others. What does this mean? This means that you are beholden to using just them for the life of your door (5-10 years) and they can charge you what they want as hey – You can’t get it anywhere else.

5. Suitability
There are various types of automatic door available. Do not go with the first option given. Ask if there are other choices. Some door systems are more expensive, harder to maintain or simply will not suit the traffic flow to your building.

Ask for quotes or advice on the different types

Automatic Sliding doors
Automatic Swing Doors
In-head Automatic swing doors
Automatic folding doors
Automatic balanced doors
Automatic Prismatic Doors
Low Energy Swing automatic Doors
Automatic Telescopic Doors

6. Optional extras

This is Simple – Find out what is in your quotation and what’s not!
Optional extras included in quotations are expensive. Yet a door that is not properly specified for your personal needs will just frustrate you!

  • Do I need double glazing on my automatic sliding doors as our entrance is so busy the doors will be practically open all day?
  • Is my door going to be operated by push pads or sensors? And why?
  • Do I need any extra devices? Timers, remotes, Night bank switch?
  • When is my install, day or night as my entrance is in use all day?
  • Do I need any electric locks? – Are they included in the quotation?
Any reasonable company would be able to offer you this information upfront and you will then be able to make an informed decision based on the overall lifetime of the product.

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