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Essex County Council

16 May 2012

Toptech were recently commissioned by Essex County Council, as part of their initiative to provide more opportunities for sustainable travel, by dramatically increasing not only the number of cycle parking spaces at 3 of their local stations, but also to greatly increase the security for the cyclists.

Space was of a premium, so it was decided that 2 tier cycle racks, within a secure heavy duty steel mesh compound, controlled by swipe card technology should be used.

The ToptechLONDON two tier cycle support takes its design traits from a cyclists point of view. It not only saves space for the planners and developers, but also offers the true cyclist all of the benefits of using a Sheffield Stand, with hoops mounted on both levels for added security and cycle support.

The top beam on a London, comes pre-drilled as standard and offers a choice of spacing’s, from 375mm to 500mm, to accommodate cycles with baskets and child seats.

•    Single or double sided versions are available
•    Multiple locking points for the cycle  frame and both wheels
•    Easy cycle parking
•    Suitable for any type of cycle

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