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IMA Celebrates Being 20 Years Old!

16 May 2012

IMA started as a partnership between David Parker and Paul Stockwell, with a small office in Otley where David worked, covering customers in the north of the British Isles, and with Paul working from home, covering the south

Over the years, there have been many changes.  The northern office had two moves making its home in Parkwell House, in Guiseley, Yorkshire, and in the south, the operation moved to Campbell Court, Bramley, Hampshire in 2006.  Gradually, more staff joined the company, and there are now 10 employees.

There has been a change in the predominent technologies that the company handles.  Whereas, 20 years ago, aluminium oxide sensors were the main-stay of the business, tunable diode lasers have come from the developmental stage to main-stream technology.  IMA are proud that they were there at the very beginning of the development of lasers for use in the analytical industry, realising the potential that was there.

There is still as wide a range of customers on the books as ever, and IMA are always keen to meet challenges that new applications can bring.

With a dinner for all the employees and their guests in November, the company is happy to be celebrating 20 successful years in business, and excited by the prospects that the next 20 could hold!

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