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New In-Room Spray Humidifier

22 May 2012

JS Humidifiers is launching the Draabe NanoFog Evolution, a low energy in-room spray humidifier.

This compact, attractive and quiet humidifier is the first real alternative to in-room steam humidifiers for direct air humidification in office-type environments. However, with energy consumption 97% lower than in-room steam humidifiers the NanoFog Evolution is a much more cost effective solution.

The humidifier has a series of wall or ceiling mounted spray nozzles that are similar in size and appearance to a small audio speaker. Each can provide up to 3kg/hr of moisture and has a noise level of just 40dB(a). Multiple nozzles can supply up to 200kg/hr of moisture from a single system.

Other components of the humidifier include a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system, a high pressure pump, in-room hygrostats and a central control panel. The RO and pump elements of the humidifier are housed within small portable containers that are rented rather than wholly owned. Every 6-8 months new RO and pump modules are supplied and the old ones are returned for servicing.

This exchange of serviceable elements virtually eliminates on-site maintenance, minimises downtime due to servicing, provides unlimited warranty on these components and ensures hygienic, reliable and efficient humidifier operation. As a further benefit, whenever system upgrades are made to the RO and pump modules, they are also retrofitted into existing systems as part of the ongoing rental agreement.

The humidifier’s quiet performance and attractive design make it ideal for use in occupied areas such as offices and call centres. Previously if an environment required high capacity humidification with quiet operation, in-room steam humidifiers were the only real option. Other low energy spray humidifiers were either too noisy or too industrial in their design. However, in-room steam humidifiers have very high energy requirements with a 100kg/hr system needing around 75kW. A NanoFog Evolution delivering the same capacity requires less than 2kW offering a huge saving.

The NanoFog Evolution incorporates zone control so that humidity levels can be set at a local level. Digital in-room hygrostats display humidity and temperature, and allow adjustments to be made to humidity set-points. A central control system, which can be linked to BMS, displays information from all zones and provides overall control.

Hygienic operation is assured through the use of pure reverse osmosis water and regular purge and drain cycles that prevent water from stagnating in the pipelines. The NanoFog Evolution has been independently tested and awarded the “Optimised Air Humidification” certificate by the DGUV (Institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention). It is the World’s only test mark awarded specifically for air humidification systems and covers achievable hygiene and technology standard.

JS Humidifiers is the UK’s largest humidification company with the widest range of products and offers a service of advice, design, supply, installation and maintenance. It also offers a comprehensive range of humidifier spares, not only for JS equipment but also for a large range of different manufacturers’ humidifiers, mostly available ex-stock.

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