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Metrotile: Ready for Anything You Can Throw At It

28 May 2012

At Metrotile, we ensure our roof profiles are pressed from the highest quality steel and tested against the most extreme weather conditions.

As Metrotile is used across the world, it has been tested to withstand extreme wind-uplift for the US market, and cyclical freeze-thaw in Japan. Metrotile is very proud of the level of security achieved against the elements and takes vandal-proofing just as seriously.

Our standard 450mm thick system is one of the most secure roofing systems around, however we also offer the double-thick 900mm Metrotile Secure Solution for rooftops that are in areas prone to vandalism, or where heavy rooftop foot traffic is unavoidable. Due to the dual-fix system that secures each profile in place, it is practically impossible to remove the tiles by hand.

A Metrotile roof is also highly-resistant to projectiles such as bricks which has, along with the other security benefits, lead to many UK schools specifying our products.

A ‘highest-quality’ ethos is echoed throughout our entire product line, including our bespoke accessories that include our Vapour Permeable Underlay, ventilation, roof window systems from Velux and the energy-generating Metrotile Photovoltaic System. This ensures that Metrotile is the one stop for all of your roofing requirements and every Metrotile roof also comes with our industry-leading 40 year guarantee.

Visit for further information, or contact or 01249 658514 for your free, no-obligation Metrotile quotation.

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