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As UK automotive industry enjoys renaissance, Ono Sokki continue to address industry requirements

28 May 2012

As many of the major automotive manufacturers announce recent expansion plans (e.g. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW) specialist instrumentation manufacturers Ono Sokki continue to innovate and adapt their range to suit all aspects of automotive manufacturing and test/research.

Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd is the UK & Ireland distributor for the Ono Sokki range which includes:

• Wide range of tachometers (contact & non-contact, diesel & petrol)

• Torque meters

• Vibration sensors

• Linear gauges

• Frequency converters

• FFT analysers

+ much more

Eurolec Instrumentation themselves also manufacture a range of portable thermometers (infrared non-contact & probe thermometers) temperature probes, differential manometers and temperature calibration sources.

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