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Worlds slimest and smallest handportable radio from Wall to Wall

28 May 2012

Wall to Wall Communications have introduced Hytera covert handportable Hytera X1 / X1e, which attracts all two way radio users with its revolutionary slim-line design and svelte profile.

The radio is equipped with advanced encryption specs and thetrefore extremely secure, making it the preferred radio solution across industries including security. Since its launch in the UK, Hytera X1 / X1e has proved to be very popular among security companies looking after hotels and airports across the UK. 

The X1 / X1e redefines the standard for discreet style-conscious handheld, taking many design cues from popular modern mobile phone technology (including Apple's new iPhone).

Despite its simple look, Hytera X1(e) is a digital radio offering features that many management style radios lack - Bluetooth, vibration, submersible, software upgradable functionality and many more.

The X1(e) is a representative of the DMR group and uses the TDMA protocol, which makes it compatible with all Motorola digital radios and if you have existing MotoTRBO Radio System, combined equipment from both manufacturers in one system will communicate with ease. Hytera X1(e) radios are also backward compatibile with analogue two way radios (working on most frequencies in UK).

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