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What can you do as a Drivewayfixer?

06 June 2012

Drivewayfix provide a comprehensive range of restoration materials suitable for not only repairing and rejuvenating faded Tarmac drives, but also filling potholes and repairing cracked or broken concrete.

Although the Drivewayfix range is very user friendly, home owners sometimes prefer the professional approach which is where as a registered Drivewayfixer, you could step in.

It's easy to become a Drivewayfixer simply by getting in touch. You will then be invited to join the team on a Drivewayfixer training day when you will learn all you need to know about the products and be on the path to increasing your skill set. Once you have signed up you will receive a starter pack to promote your business venture.

As an added benefit, all online enquiries received will be forwarded straight to you, enabling you to provide a Drivewayfix quote directly. With many home owners across the country needing a Drivewayfixer, there is no shortage of opportunities for your own skilled business.

The complete Drivewayfix range includes;
  • Drive Revive® - a water based paint which revives tired and dull Tarmac driveways
  • Rapid Repair® - a fast setting repair mortar for concrete paths
  • PaveJoint® - a ready to use jointing compound for narrow and wide joints
  • Pothole Repair Kit - a permanent pothole repair material
  • Fix or Grout – bedding or pointing mortar
  • Seal & Stop – a solvent free paving sealer which also helps to prevent weed growth

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