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CSP teams up with Grahame Gardner to offer Member Merchandising

13 June 2012

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has renewed its relationship with Grahame Gardner Ltd in order to create a contemporary range of work and leisurewear for its members.

Historically, Grahame Gardner has enjoyed a close relationship with the CSP and this has now been revived and strengthened with their appointment as an official supplier. This new merchandising range will be offered direct to members via a dedicated web portal on the Grahame Gardner website.

This new range has been developed to meet CSP member requirements, offering a range of work tunics, polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and tracksuit trousers. For some of these garments there are a number of different styles, including different necklines, alternative fits (i.e. unisex or ladies fit) and different colour options. CSP’s dynamic logo is printed on all items, except the work tunics and polo shirts which carry the Society’s embroidered lozenge crest.  James Hale, CSP Director of Marketing & Communications comments:-

“We are delighted to embark on a new chapter with Grahame Gardner. Regardless of our strong history we underwent a strict tendering process for this new merchandising program and were delighted when Grahame Gardner once again came out on top. They competed well on cost, but it was in the criteria of quality that they really excelled. We are very confident that they are still the best supplier to uphold the CSP reputation and look forward to a productive and happy ongoing relationship.”

Grahame Gardner has established a web portal whereby CSP members can order all their branded garments direct. Customers will have to give their CSP member status; either student, full or associate, in order to complete their order. Payments are taken securely online and goods are despatched direct to the customer.

As part of this new partnership Grahame Gardner has exclusive use of the CSP logos when applied to garments and is also the only approved supplier of the lozenge CSP logo as an embroidered badge. In total, Grahame Gardner have produced 17 different garments (including variations) and will be monitoring the feedback from CSP members to see if this range should be enhanced further over the coming months.

Founded in 1894, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the member-led, specialist professional, educational, and trade union body supporting the UK’s 50,000 qualified physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and support workers. The Society leads, promotes and represents the profession by driving excellence in physiotherapy practice and employment, and influencing healthcare policy across the UK.

The Society’s objectives are to support members and the ongoing development of physiotherapy

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