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Retail perfection thanks to Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor

14 June 2012

Leading products from Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor helped to create retail perfection at Stafford Tiles and Flooring Solutions new premises.

Subfloor preparation and tile pod installations were completed at the new premises of Stafford Tiles and Flooring Solutions Ltd. using  DPM IT, Prime IT AR, Level IT two, ProRapid RS and FlexJoint.

Supplying and fitting  various floor coverings and tiles, the company regularly use products from both Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor.  The refit project in their new premises was no exception, with 5 leading product used to complete all floor installations.

Ultra Floor DPM IT is a two part epoxy resin damp proof membrane system available as a one coat or two coat with an optional accelerator additive.  The product cures to provide a waterproof surface membrane that allows fast installation of cement-based surfaces.  It reduces waiting time and costs significantly, and strengthens the surface of almost all substrate types.

Ultra Floor Prime IT AR is an acrylic polymer emulsion primer suited for use over porous substrates such as concrete and sand/cement screeds.  Stafford Tiles and Flooring Solutions Ltd. used it on their new premises to prepare the surfaces, enhancing adhesion and sealing them prior to levelling.

Ultra Floor Level IT two is applied by trowel to the substrate.  This self levelling latex compound combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties.  The product's formulation is free from ammonia, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas as well as open.  The leveller is ready to receive foot traffic after only 2.5 hours and can be laid at thicknesses up to 10mm.

Rapid set flexible tile adhesive, ProRapid RS can be applied at a bed thickness of 3-12mm on walls or floors.  Its open time is 40 minutes and it will be set after just 2.5 hours drying time.  The product is suitable for both wet and dry conditions and is formulated to adhere to most common substrates including screwed and fixed over-boarded wooden floors.  It may be used internally or externally.

A high polymer content increases the product's flexibility and ensures its compatibility with underfloor heating systems.  Ultra Tile ProRapid RS conforms to the requirements of EN 12004 Class C2FT and is available as 20kg in grey or white.

To finish the all-round stylish look of the premises, leading Ultra Tile grout FlexJoint in a variety of colours was used.  The grout is suitable for wall or floor applications and joint widths of up to 20mm.

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