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HYTERA X1p Revealed - the slimmest full colour display / keypad digital covert radio on the market

20 June 2012

Following the success of the revolutionary Hytera X1 / X1e, the Chinese two way radio communications manufacturer has gained a lot of recognition and respect in the western world in the last few years.

This product is the leader in its class but those who compare it with Motorola's MOTOTRBO SL4000/4010 Series might want to consider it again. The new Hytera X1p has a full colour display and keypad just as the Hytera PD785 but it is much smaller, slimmer, tinier, lighter. It is designed to be the perfect two way digital covert radio - discreet, stylish, yet robust. Three other handy features become available with the keypad / display - text messaging, e-mail gateway and telephone interconnect.

The Hytera X1p (VHF and UHF) is best suited for the design-conscious two way radio users - for those that prestige and image is a big part of what they do and how they do it. Hytera X1p is like a sexy techy toy, which is easy to mistaken with any posh and flashy mobile phone. It is not only about style and design, the Hytera X1p (just like its predecessors X1 / X1e) ensures extremely secure communications, featuring AES encryption angorythm and 256 digits high-level dynamic encryption key. This is more than sufficient to leave any evesdropper in the dark. In addition to the myriad of features presented with the release of the X1e (bluetooth, GPS, vibration etc), Hytera has upgraded X1p's functionality to also include digital trunking mode.

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