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The world’s smallest Personal PID is here!

20 June 2012

IonScience, manufacturer of the revolutionary PhoCheck Tiger (VOC monitor) and Phocheck Tiger Select (Benzene Detector) have now launched the NEW Tiger Cub, the world’s smallest personal PID monitor for the measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

The Cub utilises the well-known MiniPID technology which incorporates both Anti-contamination technology and Fence Electrode technology for extended operation in difficult working environments, developed also by IonScience.

The Cub has the unique capability of STEL and TWA monitoring of OEL’s (Occupational Exposure Limits) as well an alarm set point feature to ensure the wearer’s immediate safety and health.

As well as providing you with PID capabilities in a small compact unit, the instrument can also be used in TAC (Total Aromatic compounds) mode allowing you to determine the presence of Benzene, making this a perfect tool to use alongside your Tiger Select or Kitagawa Gas Detector System.

As with all instruments provided to you by Shawcity, we are pleased to bring you the innovative Tiger Cub and are happy to provide you with any information you need regarding the Tiger Cub or a product demonstration.

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