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Something different in the hotel bed and bath rooms?

21 June 2012

Variety is the spice of life – or so they say. Yet when it comes to the cotton products that hotels use there is a surprising consistency across the industry.

Leading supplier King of Cotton has seen little change over the last decade in the towelling and bedding that most hotels purchase. There is good reason for this, of course, because good quality Egyptian cotton bedding and pure cotton white terry towels are what guests have come to expect.

However King of Cotton has noticed how some of the more contemporary Spa venues are beginning to try alternatives to the norm and in this article suggest a few alternatives that just might give your hotel a stand-out advantage.

The Spa concept has brought a different dimension to hotels. These venues plug into the whole ethos of health, beauty and wellbeing. They market themselves as sanctuaries of personal care and development creating an aura that is all about the importance of the individual and the environment. To gain a marketing advantage there are easy things to change – for instance offer organic towels and bedding such as available from the King of Cotton.

Allergies are a big issue these days with about one in three people suffering and King of Cotton offers a number of products to ease the debilitating symptoms. Their Microfibre Down Feel Duvets are anti-allergenic, of a very high quality and simply feel like duck down. The Microfibre range extends to anti-allergenic pillows to help sufferers experience a better nights’ sleep. It is not surprising that many good hotels are switching to non-allergenic alternatives these days.

There are many other areas where an advantage can be achieved. Even in the area of bathrobes things are changing with new additions like the Ritz Carlton Robe which brings traditional waffle styling and soft cotton velour together to create a robe that looks more prestigious and feels more luxurious.

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