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British Waterways - Safety Treads & Decking

03 July 2012

“Keep a steady foothold with Action Handling” All our safety treads & decking equipment is designed to comply with Health & Safety regulations

Safety of personnel in environments where there are slippery surfaces is absolutely vital.  When a sub-contractor of British Waterways noticed an increase in injuries and sick-leave at one particular site, they decided to investigate.  The conclusion of this was that a large number of the workforce had slipped on unsecure flooring and something had to be done immediately to ensure that Health & Safety regulations were being adhered to.

The sub-contractor’s first port of call was Action Handling, to arrange a meeting and discuss any improvements that could be made.  A large quantity of safety tread & decking equipment was supplied and installed within 3 working days.  An overview of the kit that we supplied is detailed below;

Slipgrip gives a complete covering of the entire stair tread or stairwell landing and is extremely easy to install. The fibreglass profile is covered with a very hard wearing grit non slip laminate.
  • An instant remedy to slippery wood and steel staircases.
  • Complies with UK Building Regulations and DDA Legislation.
  • Stair Tread Slipgrip is supplied in a choice of five lengths and with a tread depth of 220mm – 345mm
Slipgrip Flat Sheet has the same characteristics as the Slipgrip Stair Treads and Landing Covers.
  • Ideal for walkways, ramps, gangways, factory floors etc.
  • Durable for forklift use.
  • Non slip safety laminate grip surface.
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