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Vulcascot Covers up Field Events

03 July 2012

In the coming whether your interest weeks is in track and field, shooting or equestrian events, all around the country people will be out and about participating or simply enjoying the moment as spectators.

Indoors, or out in the open there will be last minute requirements for audio speakers to be moved or extra spotlights erected to light the evening events all of which  means that there will be miles of unnecessary spare cabling much of which will inevitably lie un protected and waiting to cause an accident. The problem of trailing cables across open spaces has always been an annoyance particularly when organisers an not up to date with safety regulations which demands loose cables are carefully covered over.

Vulcascot has been designing and manufacturing different solutions to such problems for over 30 years. Surface laid cable protectors that are strong but simple to fit and available in 40 different types and up to three standard colours is the speciality of this British based company.

For inside a marquee, club or boat house, stables or temporary administration buildings Vulcascot has the Snap Fit range providing a large number of product choices where smaller cables simply need to be rendered safe so the public can walk over them without tripping and in complete safety.

The Company has also gone to the trouble of producing two translucent cable protectors for the organiser with designer tastes.

Outdoors can not be forgotten so the Company has developed two extremely tough  ranges which will remain flexible at all time which will cover up cables and even pipes and hoses in any one of 6 different products. There is also a unique range which is called their Temporary Traffic Calmers which not only accepts cables up to 60mm but can be used in applications where heavy goods traffic is prevalent and  also doubles to slow traffic to an acceptable speed which is so useful where the general public are sharing the same roadway.

All of these products made by  Vulcascot are available from the local electrical wholesaler and many B2B mail order catalogues or if you wish, you can contact either Barry Copeman or our Head Office in Northampton with your enquiry. Similarly for technical advice please follow the instructions below:-

For further information please contact

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