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Legionnaires’ disease – protecting schools and colleges

10 July 2012

With the awareness of Legionnaires’ disease rising, a growing number of schools and colleges are looking for ways to improve their management of this risk, with the maintenance of safe water temperatures often the first starting point.

UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics, works with schools, colleges, local authorities and professional water monitoring companies to ensure that school buildings have the right temperature monitoring equipment in place.

Risk factors
Government safety advisers state that to prevent the spread of the legionella pneumophila bacterium, hot water should be stored above 60°C and distributed above 50°C, and that cold water should be distributed below 20°C. Educational buildings present a particular risk due to the variety in their age and construction and also the number of water outlets present, making regular water hygiene monitoring a number one priority.

More choice
With delegated budgets, schools and colleges have more choice than ever before on how to respond to this risk. Some choose an independent route – confidently undertaking regular temperature testing and recording completely in-house. Others opt for outside contractors, who can also manage their overall risk response. And for many, it will be a combination of options that best suit their particular needs depending on factors like time, budgetary constraints and the number and complexity of buildings under their protection.

Reliable results
Whatever operational choices are made, highly accurate temperature testing devices for checking running water, pipes and calorifiers are relied upon to keep harmful bacteria at bay. TM Electronics has developed a range of robust, fast-response thermometers and sensors specifically designed for the job. Many of these are in easy-to-use kit form for speed and convenience, and all are made to high manufacturing standards. TME also offer a range of options for recording temperatures from simple manual systems to Bluetooth logging thermometers for a completely paperless operation – not an unimportant consideration due to the sheer number of routine tests required each year.

Offering value for money is still very important to this UK company, at the forefront of water temperature equipment for over 20 years. “We understand that temperature testing has to be affordable - and that there are a bewildering number of thermometers out there to choose from,” says MD, Toms Sensier. “But at TME, we know from experience, what works best: fast-response, accurate thermometers and probes that last a long time. And that’s exactly what we offer.”

TM Electronics offers easy-to-use temperature kits to suit all budgets suitable for pipes, tanks and running water. For more information visit or contact 01903 700651    


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