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Outback Organics launches ‘3rd generation’ peelable waxes

20 July 2012

Not content with sending tongues wagging in the waxing world with the recent launch of its Post Wax product range, Outback Organics has just announced the launch of two new peelable waxes.

Designed specifically for intimate waxing, experts are claiming these waxes are among some of the best they have ever used.

Fair Dinkum – This white peelable wax is exceptionally quick setting making it ideal for use in the hot summer months when clients can perspire more and body temperatures are raised leaving the skin sticky. The short time it takes to set makes waxing in the hot weather fuss free – meaning you can concentrate on getting more clients fuzz free! Containing Rose essential oil this wax is ideal for intimate waxing and particularly effective on sensitive areas such as the face and underarms. It is easy to apply and won’t stick to the skin, making it easy to remove too. Salon Price £7.45 per 500g   £6.95 per 500g for orders of 20 bags or more.

True Blue - This bright blue wax is excellent for removing tough stubborn hair and can be used for intimate waxing as well as larger areas. It’s extremely pliable and therefore less likely to snap than other peelable waxes. It can even be used on curves such as a bent knee! Even a client that has shaved recently can still be waxed using True Blue as it is capable of removing the shortest of hair. Salon Price £7.45 per 500g   £6.95 per 500g for orders of 20 bags or more.

Outback Organics Director, Steve Wright said: “The world of waxing has come a long way since the old brittle hot wax and waxing is now a painless and efficient hair removal method which is seeing exciting developments taking place all the time.

“It is not just waxes that are developing but pre and post wax treatments and methods as well.
“We have been stunned at the reaction we have had to our new peelable waxes as many salons and therapists have not kept up to date with developments in waxing and have been shocked at how far things have come.”

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