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What takes 45 seconds and can cost up to 2500 pounds?

24 July 2012

The link between criminal activity and rising insurance premiums is never too far away from the press. This article from the UK Business Insurance Broker, Northern Counties Insurance, looks at one of the UK's fastest growing vehicle crimes and gives you some advice to help stop you from being a victim.

Thieves can remove a Catalytic Converter in just over 40 seconds, they often use a cordless saw and sell this for scrap for up to £150 due of the platinum and other precious metals they contain.

You could end up paying £2500 to get your vehicle repaired due to being disabled and the exhaust damaged. Not only is it a major cost to you, you lose use of your vehicle and it could result in increased insurance premiums. High clearance vehicles, such as pickup trucks and 4x4s, are the most likely to be targeted due to the space between the vehicle and the ground, this allows more space for the thieves to maneuver underneath.

Manufactures are now creating various different Catalytic Converter protectors such as alarms, cages, clamps and wires, all to deter thieves as well as make it virtually impossible for them to remove and steal the device. The top tips are: • Park your vehicle in a garage or on a fenced drive where possible • Park in well lit areas • Park your fleet vehicles in a locked compound or car park • Park where there are traffic attendants or CCTV • Etch your VIN number into your Catalytic Converter with an etching kit to make it easier for the police to recover and return it, as they can prove it's stolen • Park low clearance vehicles around high clearance vehicles to make an obstruction • Invest in one of the many Catalytic Converter protectors If you are in doubt as to whether you are covered speak to your insurance broker.

For further information about the claims facilities available at Northern Counties, simply visit the Claims Management section of their website or call their in house claims manager, Phil Lakey on 0191 482 1219.

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