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Wind Turbine Monitoring & Control with United Electronic Industries

09 August 2012

Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then converted into electricity. To ensure these turbines operate safely, strict monitoring is necessary. A wind turbine monitoring system is responsible for monitoring the tower, blades, shaft, gear box or generator. This involves a variety of sensors, for example accelerometers, encoders, temperature sensors, oil/liquid level sensors, particle counter, voltage, current and humidity sensors.

UEI Cubes, and in particular, the UEIPAC, are ideal solutions for monitoring and controlling wind power generators, because they are powerful enough to provide control for everything from blade angle to output voltage, and log everything from wind speed to power output.

The UEIPAC’s Ethernet access means it can easily run as a slave to a primary host PC when desired, but can take over and run stand-alone if anything happens to the primary communications link.  The Cube’s rugged environmental specifications eliminate the need for any heating or cooling in the control rack.

The standard UEIPAC cubes are tested from -40° to +85° C, at 50 g shock, 5 g vibration and altitudes up to 70,000 feet. All I/O is also fully isolated from the controller, so the UEIPAC is largely immune to the glitches and spikes so commonly seen in the grounds of an industrial environment.

The UEIPAC uses the same I/O boards as the PowerDNA family, and includes analog input (with up to 24 bit resolution), analog output, digital I/O, Serial and CAN communications, ARINC-429 networking, counter/timer, quadrature encoder input and more. The UEIPAC cube may be placed on a desk or table or may be mounted to any flat surface/wall, DIN Rail or in a standard 19” rack, and will run on AC, DC or battery power.

All United Electronic Industries products are developed and manufactured in the United States. UEI guarantees the availability of all RACKtangle/Cube series products (including DNA, DNR, UEIPAC, UEISIM, UEILogger and UEIModbus chassis and compatible I/O boards) for a minimum of 10 years, and all hardware manufactured by UEI is warranted for 2 years to the original purchaser. UEI is represented in the UK by Sarsen Technology Ltd. Price available on request - contact for more details.

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