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Polycarbonate Gastronorm containers from CEL are BPA free

07 August 2012

Catering Equipment Limited have achieved a world first in association with their Italian manufacturing partners and German chemical suppliers, by producing their standard range of Polycarbonate gastronorm containers & lids, free from Bisphenol A.

BPA has been at the centre  of controversy regarding babies feeding bottles, of which including BPA in the manufacturing process has  now  been  banned  in Europe and many other countries.

Bisphenol A  was discovered by a Russian Chemist in 1891. Today it is  widely  used in most types  of plastics. In 2008 however, scientists discovered  a link to some negative health effects. 

Local  and  Government  authorities  reacted by banning  the use  of BPA in feeding bottles. This in turn  led  to CEL's current BPA free polycarbonate  containers and lids being developed and these will  soon  be  available upon  request from our stock of over 70,000 gastronorm containers & lids and sink items.

In future, customers will be able  to  specify BPA free containers and lids. To  save  any  confusion, new  BPA free  containers and lids are  clearly  marked so  that  customers can be  sure they  have the correct product.

Catering Equipment Ltd CEO, Anthony  Prestage;

“Our employees are  all  very  excited  about  this fantastic  development in the market.“

He  went  on to  say  that  he  thought  initially  schools, preschools  and  nurseries  would  be the  first  to  demand  this new  super safe   BPA  free product as  the health  benefits  are  overwhelming.  Food  manufacturers should soon follow as they are also  scientists in their  own  right and are  very  aware of the health risks,  so will   be  primary purchasers  for BPA free products along  with  health  authorities  and  anybody  involved in infant and child care.

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