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Thomas Fairchild Community School

13 August 2012

The A. Proctor Group have recently supplied Procheck Premier 500 at the Thomas Fairchild Community School in London.

Procheck Premier 500 is a strong, reinforced, polyethylene vapour control layer with good vapour resistance, and is one of a range of VCLs available from the A. Proctor Group.

The woven extruded polypropylene multifilament scrim reinforcement provides improved nail tear resistance. The sheet is translucent to ease the installation and later inspection of support arrangements, and is the grade utilised by many leading system manufacturers.

On Thursday 30th July 2009, fire broke out at Thomas Fairchild Community School, Napier Grove, Hoxton, London. At least half of the ground floor and part of the first floor were severely damaged. Following the fire, Sir Thomas Fairchild School was deemed structurally unsafe.

The decision was taken to redevelop the site with a new school building with Avanti Architects of London. McLaren Construction were awarded the contract to build a replacement facility, following the demolition of the existing building.

The redevelopment of the school will increase pupil intake; the overall pupil numbers increased to 630 including a 50 place nursery.
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