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Summer lawn care: feeding

21 August 2012

Spring and summer 2012 has seen record highs for rainfall across the UK and as a result lawns are looking beautifully lush and verdant; but don’t be deceived. Under the surface, at soil level it’s quite likely that plant nutrients have been washed away; the store cupboards are empty and that means that although our lawns look good right now, there may be trouble ahead.

To keep a lawn healthy into autumn and winter, it’s important that the plants are well-nourished during periods of speedy growth.  It’s like caring for any Olympic athlete or a top-class racehorse good nutrition will ultimately impact on things like recovering from wear and tear and resisting disease and illness.

Grass always seem to grow well without much intervention from us humans but if you want a lawn that is even-coloured, has a nice dense sward and copes well with wear and tear, you do need to give it a bit of help.  Think stadium.  The greenkeepers at Wimbledon or at the Millenium Stadium –even at your local bowls club are forever mowing, feeding, irrigating, reseeding and feeding again; and that’s what us humble lawn keepers need to be doing right now. Feeding

This month, especially after all the rain we’ve had it’s a good idea to apply a granular feed containing a little nitrogen to keep the leaves nice and green, some phosphorous for healthy root growth and potassium for disease resistance. 

Q Lawns recommend Nutrifusion spring summer lawn feed for this time of year. It contains all the essential nutrients for your lawn as well as organic carbon to support the soil microorganisms that help fight against fungal diseases such as redthread and fusarium patch.  Nutrifusion is a granular lawn feed that is easy to apply and starts to work fairly quickly.  You can also use it to feed your green roof…if you haven’t already done so.  
Click here to order Nutrifusion lawn feed, or talk to a member of Q Lawns’ staff by phoning 01842 828266 between 7am and 5pm on weekdays.

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