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Flue gas analysis the easy way

04 September 2012

Introducing the new Testo 310 and 320 – robust and quality instruments for measurements on heating systems

Measurement technology specialist Testo is proud to be launching the new entry level Testo 310 and Testo 320 Flue Gas Analysers for Heating Engineers and Fitters. The Testo 310 combines easy operation with a high level of measurement accuracy, suitable for all basic measurements on a heating system. Long battery lifetimes and compact design make it an ideal tool for engineers, offering all the advantages of electronic flue gas analysis at an excellent cost-benefit ratio in Testo quality.

If a heating system is not working efficiently, it uses too much fuel, and clogs with soot. Even worse is the fact that it emits poisonous CO gases into the ambient air, which presents a potentially fatal danger for the house occupants. For this reason, accurate flue gas measurement is not a luxury, but a necessity and should not be neglected.  In fact the industry already recommends the use of flue gas analysis for domestic installations, and it is shortly to become a mandatory requirement whenever a new boiler is installed.

The Testo 310 offers four integrated measurement menus for flue gas, draught, ambient CO and pressure. For the purposes of direct measurement, the instrument has two gas sensors for O2 and CO, and a probe for flue gas with integrated ambient temperature. The data from these measurements then calculates the relevant measurement parameters such as CO2 value, efficiency and flue gas loss. This makes the Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser suitable for all basic measurements on a heating system. It allows Heating Engineers, Fitters, Service Technicians and Facility Managers to conduct complex flue gas analysis to check the settings of a newly installed heating system, or to carry out service maintenance on the system.  Thanks to an optimally regulated heating system, the customer saves costs on energy, maintenance or new heating systems. The Testo 310 adds value to any heating contractor.

Convenient operation, high availability
Easy handling, clear menu structure, backlit display, fast sensor zeroing, long battery running times of up to 10 hours – these properties are what distinguishes the Testo 310 in daily use. The flue gas analyser can be navigated through any flue gas measurement, with just a few well thought-out buttons. The measurement values are legible even in poor light conditions. Thanks to the automatic zeroing or the gas sensor, the instrument is ready to measure 30 seconds after being switched on.

With the printer specifically developed for the Testo 310, clear reports can be created and presented to the customer as required on site. The documentation of the measurement values builds trust and provides proof of the high quality of the engineer’s work.

The Testo 310 and 320 complete the flue gas analyser family

The 310 complements Testo’s existing range of flue gas analysers which includes the 327 and the 330 with it’s revolutionary long-life sensors and colour graphical display. Another new addition to the range is the Testo 320 which is aimed at the domestic flue gas market and provides a full range of flue gas analysis and diagnostic functionality. This brand new analyser has a graphical colour display which gives clear graphical results and interpretation of results via a “flue gas matrix”. A built in memory and connection to PC analysis software further enhance the diagnostic capability of the instrument. With efficiency and safety both continually increasing in importance the need for more detailed analysis tools is paramount. Testo addresses this market with the brand new Testo 320 analyser.

Fixed Cost Servicing
The Testo 5 year service contract with extended warranty provides excellent cost of ownership. Annual fixed cost service and calibration available on the entire range of Testo analysers assures the instrument is always available.

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