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MP Plastics Launch New Piping Website.

05 September 2012

MP Plastic Building Products are now stocking plastic pipe and fittings at

We stock a varied range of fittings and pipe with UK wide delivery. You can also collect your orders from our UK trade counters. The piping materials are standard ABS, Polypropylene and PVC. We have specialist materials for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

ABS pipe is typically used in the manufacturing industries, it is non-corrosive and solvent weldable, this reduces installation time and long term maintenance. It has an expansive operating temperature from -40°c to upwards of 70°c.

Polypropylene pipe has mainly industrial applications being it can stand up against most hazardous substances with an operating temperature from 0°c to 100°c. It has a unique welding system which utilises a heating element with the fittings, this is called electrofusion bonding.

Please view our site or call us on 0845 505 1840 for more information

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