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Scaglia increases productivity for Good Year

18 September 2012

Tyre manufacturers Good Year have purchased several industrial manipulators from Scaglia Indeva over the past 10 years, increasing productivity and keeping employees happy and safe.

Having to handle reels within quick and repetitive work cycles, Good Year have chosen several evoluted electronic control manipulators.

Industrial manipulators are in fact, Intelligent Assist Devices. They are based on a mechatronic technology that, thanks to sensors, controls servo assisted motors, endows the system of great responsiveness, providing important advantages. They allow operators to handle and position any load with much more precision, speed and ease, thus increasing productivity significantly.

They contain the controls and the technology required to assist  the worker in such a way that the device operates as an extension of the operators arm.

Mr.Glenn L. Washington, Ergonomics Coordinator - NAT Manufacturing Consumer  at  Good Year  in  Fayetteville, NC -  USA  commented;

"I'm pleased to inform you that the Indeva units for the re-roll table have been released into production today and the reports are coming back very favorable."

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