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Electronic Water Descaler makes a meal out of restaurant hard water

19 September 2012

Barnham Windmill in West Sussex, a grade two listed building, was a tourist attraction, tea room and restaurant. Success was owed not only to its 'olde worlde' charm, but also to the Scalewatcher™ Enigma electronic water treatment units installed by Environmental Treatment Concepts.

The electronic water de-scaler units, supplied and installed by ETC protected the restaurant’s two steam ovens from the effects of some of the hardest water in the UK.

Barnham Mill owner Barry Lee, who bought the Windmill some years ago, was a chartered mechanical and electrical engineer who spent most of his career in the construction industry. His aim was to restore the buildings while taking advantage of an existing planning consent for a tea room and enter the restaurant business. In addition, Barry intended to get the mill working on wind power again, producing the mill’s own-brand ‘Cream of Wheat’ flour for use in the business.

In order to operate the restaurant effectively, Barry purchased two Rational steam ovens;

“These are ideal because they cook quickly and can be used in regeneration mode to heat pre-cooked and refrigerated plated meals, enabling me to run the kitchen single handed for our normal 80-90 Sunday lunches and for functions.”

However the hard water off the chalk Sussex Downs was a serious problem, with lime-scale deposits resulting in the oven elements being replaced every year, as well as being stripped down twice a year to be de-scaled.

Having read about the technology, Barry contacted the manufacturer of Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA which employs electronics and signal processing techniques to remove existing lime-scale deposits within water heating systems and prevent new lime-scale deposits. Furthermore, the treated water is good to drink, unlike chemically softened water. The technology is environmentally friendly as scale-free water systems require less energy to heat than those coated in lime-scale.

Convinced by ETC’s application engineer, Barry purchased Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA units for use on the boiler and calorifier as well as in the kitchen. He estimated that the saving on maintenance costs for his steam ovens was around £1,400 a year, while the running costs of the Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA units came in at just £3 per unit per year with the ovens working as well as if they operated with a new element all the time.

In addition, the old cast iron radiators in use in the main restaurant area, function room and bar, were now free of lime-scale, despite the use of some of the hardest water in the UK.

Barry was able to turn the boiler down as a result due to the heating becoming more efficient. He also saved on the cost of heating and the emissions that contribute to global warming.

Barry concluded;

“Initially I was slightly sceptical. Now I cannot imagine life without this water treatment system. There are no longer worries over possible breakdowns, while ETC provides an excellent support and advice. Scalewatcher™ ENiGMA has made all the difference to my business.”

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