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Rainin AutoRep™ S – Flexible, Lightweight Control for Accurate and Fast Repeat Dispensing

20 September 2012

The Rainin AutoRep™ S is a manual adjustable repeater pipette that provides a simple, flexible and ergonomic solution for any application requiring repeated liquid dispensing steps over a wide range of volumes. With greater manual control, faster sample processing and higher throughput the AutoRep™ S makes light work out of often tedious repeat pipetting.

Volume selection is a one-handed operation due to the conveniently positioned stroke-setting wheel, while an ergonomic grip with finger hook makes the AutoRep™ S easy to hold over long periods and enables it to rest comfortably in either hand.

For your convenience, volume tables are attached to the back of the instrument to provide a quick and handy visual reference for selecting dispense volumes, syringe sizes and number of pipetting steps. The syringe ejection key eliminates the need to manually detach used syringes, enabling you to quickly and safely eject them.

AutoRep™ S is designed to work with Encode™ Syringe Tips, they provide a total of 59 different liquid dispense volumes, over a range of 2µl – 50ml, allowing users to perform accurate and precise repeat dispensing, even of viscous and high vapour pressure liquids.

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