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High pressure constancy for aggressive and corrosive gases New stainless steel pressure regulator

20 September 2012

As a major manufacturer of dome pressure regulators, WITT offers its full range of products not only in brass, but now in stainless steel as well. This choice allows users to reduce the pressure of nearly all industrial, aggressive and corrosive gases.

The regulators, which control line pressure via a gas cushion, are intended for installation in gas pipelines or production facilities, such as in chemical and environmental engineering, metal and glass processing and food production. Compared to conventional pressure regulators, dome pressure regulators are characterised by an extremely stable control behaviour, even if the extraction quantity varies, there are extremely high or low flow rates, or if fluctuations in the gas inlet occur. The operator consistently receives a constant working pressure for a high degree of process stability.

For applications that involve aggressive and corrosive gases, WITT uses a special combination of materials. The housings are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L), which is characterised by high acidity and corrosion resistance. The very resistant FPM is used as sealing and membrane material. The manufacturer offers customized, special solutions upon request.

Dome pressure regulators allow the smallest differences of less than one bar to be just as quickly and precisely regulated as very large ones. A two-stage pressure regulation is no longer necessary in most of the cases.

Another big advantage with the WITT dome pressure regulator is its flexible use. The working pressure can be immediately adjusted using a pilot pressure regulator as soon as a different gas pressure is needed at the extraction point. The gas being regulated can be used as the control gas. In case of internal medium control, the dome-loaded pressure controller works autonomously and the control gas is then supplied to the back pressure side once again. This method is particularly cost-effective, since no gas is used for pressure regulation.

The low-maintenance regulators are suitable for up to 300 bar (4351 psi) of system pressure, supply line pressures that are adjustable down to 0.1 bar (1,45 psi), and handle a gas flow of several thousand cubic meters per hour. WITT dome pressure regulators are especially easy to install due to their compact design. All models are available as a complete, tested set, including pilot pressure regulator, pressure gauges and fittings. For more information, go to

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