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20 September 2012

New Lottery / Betting Slip Printer from Star Micronics

10th September 2012. Now available from DED Limited, the TSP-L10 Series lottery / betting slip printer from Star Micronics has been manufactured using more than two decades of industry experience and expertise to build the worlds fastest and most secure betting slip and lottery ticket printer. Also perfect for secure couponing and ticketing, the TSP-L10 Series offers a host of features to ensure 100% ticket authenticity by using it’s internal scanner (only on the TSP-L10 model).

The internal image scanner on the TSP-L10 series verifies and journals every single ticket at the point of printing and offers a reverse feed mechanism function for immediate ticket voiding based on scanner input. With a built in ticket stacker as standard, the TSP-L10 is also capable of stacking up to 100 tickets at a time which makes it perfect for multiple purchases/bets.

Flexibility is also included as standard with this ground breaking new printer. With a dual interface of USB / Ethernet, the TSP-L10 Series offers an unparalleled print speed of up to 300mm per second at a high quality level of 203 x 203 dpi (200dpi on the TSP-L11 model) in monochrome on paper of up to 82.5mm wide and 90um thick. Paper roll changes become less frequent thanks to the easy loading 200mm paper roll, making the printer even more suited to a high throughput environment such as betting or lottery.

The TSP-L10 series has been built specifically for OEMs/system integrators who require a level of hardware flexibility for the addition of other devices such as RFID readers using the TSP-L10's USB host port.

The Star TSP-L10 Series supports Linux only at this time – please contact DED for specific project based support.

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