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Tyre Handling with Indeva Liftronic

24 September 2012

Scaglia Indeva's Liftronic has successfully satisfied the handling requirements for a big name in tyres.

Perfectly suited to handling tyres of different sizes, the operator picks them out of the container on the conveyor and places them on one of the two roller conveyors that take them to the sorting robot.

Using the Liftronic from Scaglia Indeva, the operator can handle a single tyre up to nine tyres, from 12 to 22 inches, or a maximum of 150 kgs, with the same end effector and no adjustment.

The handle position is automatically adjusted according to the end effector position in order to allow the operator to keep an ergonomic position.

The Liftronic system is equipped with a laser pointer placed on the end effector jaws which shows the operator the position of the jaws when they are inside the tyres.

In order to speed up tyre release, the end effector gets out of the pile automatically with no need for the operator to press any control button. This feature further contributes to better ergonomics for the operator.

The arm joints are equipped with end of stroke interfaced with the customer's roller conveyors, in order to allow evacuation of tyres onto the roller conveyor only when the operator and the end effector are in a safe position.

Scaglia Indeva's Liftronic is state of the art technology for enhanced ergonomics and productivity in all load manual handling situations.

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