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MiniTec's new UMS pallet circulation conveyor suits a wide range of applications in materials handling

27 September 2012

System demonstrates flexibility and potential of Profile System machine building component range

Aimed at demanding materials handling applications, MiniTec's new UMS pallet circulation conveyor takes full advantage of the high-quality modular machine building components that are readily available in its modular Profile System range. The UMS is a double-track chain conveyor with fixed, product customised, pallets that are typically circulated above the conveying level when loaded and continue below the conveying level when empty.

MiniTec's UMS pallet circulation conveyor requires minimum floor space for interlinking various types of processing machines or for loading goods to robot cells.  The re-circulating chain design serves as both carrier and drive unit for the system. The off-loaded pallets are turned vertically by an interlocking gripper with return transportation hanging beneath the conveyor. The system can also be used as an overhead suspension track, returning empty pallets at the top level. Pallet accumulation is possible on the conveying level as well as on the return.

The UMS pallet circulation system is designed for pallets with a width of 400 to 600 millimetres and a length of 100 to 300 mm in the conveying direction. For standard range applications, the maximum installation length is 20 metres and the maximum load capacity is 100 kg per pallet. The allowable load of the complete unit is 1.2 t with a conveying speed of 6 m/min or 0.8 tonnes at 12 m/min.

Control of the UMS is very simple with no extensive programming for incoming and outgoing parts necessary. With only one electric motor running the system and with no drive units required for lift or reverse necessary, installation is straightforward and the efficiency of the system keeps energy costs reasonable.

The design of the UMS has deliberately been kept very simple with the number of component parts reduced to a minimum. The use of high quality materials ensures low maintenance operation and exceptional resilience against contamination and corrosion. From the safety aspect, there are no incoming or outgoing crushing hazards or pinch points.

The flexibility designed into the UMS pallet circulation system and its complete compatibility with MiniTec's Profile System machine building component range, allows customised systems that can include additional automation features such as motion controlled or sensor controlled electric or pneumatic actuators, or simple construction items such as screens, wheels, doors and guards etc.

MiniTec's range of conveying and parts handling solutions has been extended considerably through acquisitions in recent years and now includes solutions for many different materials processing applications. The product line includes heavy-load roller conveyors, belt driven conveyors, roller and accumulating roller conveyors as well as comprehensive assembly systems like the heavy duty RMS series or the FMS flexible assembly system.

MiniTec's team of experienced engineers are on hand to support customers during project planning, and implementation of all conveying systems.

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