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The changing 'face' of HoF

28 September 2012

HoF Display Solutions is undergoing a complete re-branding with a company name change plus a soon to be launched brand new website.

A new Marketing Manager took on the role in February this year and saw the potential for this traditional company hidden away in the Cambridgeshire countryside. Some simple changes could see this small but successful company blossom into something magnificent.

Ian Simmonds, Chairman of the company for over 20 years, explained his reasons behind the big change;

“We have all recently been through tough economic times and this has encouraged us to focus on our customers more than ever. We felt it was important to update our company image to reflect our positive attitude to the market and the future. We are continuing to make investments to support increased production output, along with improved speed of delivery and quality standards.”

6 months worth of work is due to be revealed on 18th October for all to see. The new website will go live and the new branding will be revealed in advertisements across a range of media. The new website features a much more user-friendly navigation, as well as an easy 1-2-3 web shop. This is all designed to make the customers’ experience smoother and simpler.

As well as all of the above, one key addition to HoF Display Solutions’ online offering is the new web to print feature. Much like some well-known online personalised card websites, this enables customers to select a product, design the artwork and purchase the completed item without having to speak to a member of a the sales team. This fully-automated system means that customers can go online at any time of day or night and purchase the personalised products they want.

HoF Display Solutions are continually moving forward in their endeavour to provide customers with a better experience and better products. Ian Simmonds summed this up beautifully; “I believe that the new image will reflect the bright and vibrant future, as well as show that we are a fresh and forward thinking business with our customers always at the heart of our focus”.

Keep an eye out for the new-look HoF Display Solutions from 18th October 2012.

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