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ETC ENiGMA success in Avon Council nursing homes

05 October 2012

Avon Council selected the ENiGMA electronic water de-scaler from Environmental Treatment Concepts for trial in two of their Nursing Homes.

Situated in the City of Bath, both Nursing Homes had installed water softeners about 15 years previously.

In addition to ongoing running costs for salt and maintenance, as the residents were advised not to drink the softened water, the homes had the added problem of transporting pre-treated hard water from the kitchen to residents rooms on a daily basis.

An ENiGMA was installed in one of the homes where mains water was fed via a 2 1/2 inch plastic pipe straight into the calorifier with a 3/4 inch pipe to the kitchen.

In the other home, water was fed from a holding tank which supplied the calorifier. The tank had and inlet pipe of 2 1/2 inches, as well as two 3 inch pipes supplying other services and a 3/4 inch pipe to the kitchen. Two ENiGMA units were installed with one on the rising main and the other on the two outlet pipes.

Six months after installation, a section of pipe was removed and inspected at the first home and found to be completely clear of lime-scale. However, excessive corrosion to the pipe and valves was evident, caused by the long term previous use of salt and the water softening equipment. This meant that the valves needed either urgent maintenance or replacement in order to remain operational.

Similar results were found at the second home. However the resident caretaker reported that the water temperature and flow rate had increased to a bath in the building where both had previously been poor prior to ENiGMA installation.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, other benefits of Environmental Treatment Concepts ENiGMA electronic water de-scaler, as well as reducing and removing lime-scale, include ongoing savings on fuel costs and maintenance.

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