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ENiGMA benefits to Reverse Osmosis systems

08 October 2012

After suvccesful installations of ENiGMA on SunCruise’s fleet of cruise liners, the company’s Technical Superintendent suggested Environmental Treatment Concepts contact Salt Separation Services, manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis desalination plant, for their ships, as well as most of the other major cruise lines and the Royal Navy.

Like most people who first come into contact with this patented Electronic Descaling technology, Project Manager Daniel Shackleton was very sceptical.  However, at one of their customer’s sites, Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed’s home off Park Lane, they were experiencing problems.

Due to the hardness of London’s water, the on-site engineers had to regularly mix chemicals to apply to the feed water of the RO system, in an attempt to stop calcium precipitating onto the membrane and reducing the plant’s output.  Various readings were taken from the plant daily and relayed to the engineers at SSS, enabling them to monitor the RO efficiency.

Every couple of months, when the output dropped below an acceptable level, due to fouling of the membrane, someone was dispatched from SSS, near Rochdale, to clean the membrane using citric acid, to restore the output of the plant.

This was the perfect opportunity to try the Descaler on a live RO plant.  A unit was duly installed and all chemical treatment ceased.  Some weeks later, John Thompson, MD of Environmental Treatment Concepts, the pioneer of electronic water treatment, visited SSS to discuss the progress.

In the words of Daniel Shackleton, “…we were gobsmacked here, we have never seen anything like this”.  Daniel explained that each time a membrane is cleaned, its expected output drops by 10%. The best a citric acid clean achieves is to bring the output back to the predicted output line.  But, soon after the ENiGMA was fitted, to everyone’s amazement the output level shot up to the as new line.

SSS were so pleased with the results they fitted ENiGMA as an integral part of their Reverse Osmosis systems.  Units were fitted in the Harrods store, a North Sea Oil rig and a number of other application sites.

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