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Now Available – The new Stratix® V 6U OpenVPX COTS FPGA Board from BittWare

17 October 2012

BittWare, the leader in Altera-based FPGA COTS boards are now offering the industry's first 6U VPX board, powered by Altera's 28-nm Stratix® V FPGAs.

Designed for high-end applications, the Stratix V provides a high level of system integration and flexibility for I/O, routing, and processing.  The new S5-6U-VPX board, available from Sarsen Technology, provides a configurable 48-port multi-gigabit transceiver interface supporting a variety of protocols, including Serial RapidIO, PCI Express, and 10GigE.

Additional I/O interfaces include Ethernet, RS-232, JTAG, and LVDS. The board features up to 8 GB of DDR3 SDRAM as well as Flash memory for booting the FPGAs.  When combined with the optional BittWare Anemone FPGA co-processor and the ATLANTiS FrameWork FPGA development kit, the S56X creates a flexible, rugged and efficient solution for high-performance signal processing and data acquisition.

"The Stratix V is an extremely powerful FPGA, providing a tremendous amount of logic, memory, and multipliers, coupled with a large number of multi-gigabit transceivers," stated Ron Huizen, VP of Technology at BittWare. "Providing two of these FPGAs on a proven, fully-validated, VITA 65 OpenVPX COTS platform, with each Stratix V having access to a full FMC site for adaptable I/O and an Anemone co-processor for floating point, as well as the ARM for overall board control, makes for an extremely powerful board ready for deployment."

Features include - 

• Two VITA 57 FMC sites for processing and I/O expansion • Two High density Stratix V GX/GS FPGAs • Two Anemone Floating Point Co-processors (optional) • 800 MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 control processor • 48 multi-gigabit transceivers • Up to 8 GBytes on-board memory • I/O includes: GigE, SerDes, LVDS, JTAG, RS-232 "BittWare and Altera have a long history of working closely together to provide high-performance, reconfigurable FPGA-based COTS boards to the industry," said David Gamba, director of Altera's military and computing business unit.

"By leveraging the Stratix V GS FPGA's floating point DSP blocks, which deliver up to one TeraFLOP of computing performance, combined with the FPGA's low-power, multi-gigabit transceivers and a high-density, high-performance architecture, BittWare's S56X board delivers a rugged and completely flexible signal processing solution capable of driving innovative new capabilities previously unseen in military applications."   The S5-6U-VPX board is available now. Contact Sarsen Technology for more details –

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