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Coming Soon: A Life without Wires

25 October 2012

Wireless living - coming soon to a house, activity, business and job near you! Read about Wireless Technological Solutions available now and look forward to a future without wires.

It’s clear that we’re coming to the end of an era in that wires won’t be around for much longer as society moves towards creative wireless technology solutions and wireless power possibilities. We’re all looking forward to kissing goodbye to all those millions of metres of cables and wires across our UK homes and workplaces permanently. The latest wireless technological developments show how close we are to reaching this dream world.


In recent years some giant steps have already been taken towards a life without wires, particularly within the automotive industry. Already in-car connectivity solutions can offer consumers the experience of Bluetooth® integration across a range of products. Which of these technologies have you already seen in use?


Most people have experience of products which make use of software ensuring noise-reduction and high-definition voice quality within in-car calls. This has led to those famously distorted car calls being a thing of the past. In addition, software can ensure the integration of hands-free solutions for personal navigation devices such as satellite navigation devices. The technology enables accurate positioning information even in the most challenging environments. These product functions and abilities are increasingly included as options for automobile products across the market place.


Other growth area uses for wireless technology within the automobile industry include the ability to stream music into infotainment systems. Streaming without wires from nearly Bluetooth® sources with wide profile compatibilities is undoubtedly a wireless technology that will catch on both in cars and out of them. The technologies also enable web access within the car and updates to be made to the software via the internet. Keyboards and remote control usage within the car also relies on this technology.


This speed of technological development is fast and in other areas of our lives there are exciting wireless developments that will soon affect increasing diverse areas of personal and professional consumer lives.


Gym and fitness addicts will love the wireless connectivity and location chips that are targeted for health devices and exercise aids. They enable low power location tracking and can monitor speed and heart-rate to measure performance against training plan aims. The navigation system within these devices can offer accurate position tracking even within airports, shopping centres and off-road low signal areas which indicates that the functionality could extend into further navigation uses in future within everyday items such as watches.


Connectivity and location features are offered by camera and video technologies and solutions which are available on premium cameras already. These technologies enable photographers, both amateur and professional, the option of wireless photo transfers, live real-time streaming and geo-tagging. In addition to this they provide face tracking, image stabilisation and advanced noise reduction within videos.


Already within the most up-to-date workplace and home environments wireless technologies offer a magical and seamless connection between devices for document imaging, music and geo-location with audio process solutions. The variety of application for wireless technologies is ever expanding.


One thing is for sure, we’ll all soon be experiencing the benefits of hands-free wireless technologies throughout our lives.

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