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Environmentally Green Play Equipment?

31 October 2012

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how environmentally friendly is our play equipment?’

In most cases the answer will shock you! A lot of manufacturers use PVC during the manufacture process and only 1% of PVC can be recycled.

At Playbrokers, we can offer you market leading equipment from a manufacturer that is striving to become the first to offer 100% environmentally certified play equipment.

At present, they have achieved 96% with some of their range already being certified a cradle to cradle standards. This means that every item of the play equipment can be recycled when it reaches its end of life.

The company is Playworld Systems and Playbrokers are the Authorised Agent for them covering the whole of Scotland and parts of North England.
Playworld Systems offer play equipment for children from birth upwards and has speciality fitness equipment for the over 50’s.

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