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Protect your Roads from Extreme Weather with Ultracrete Instant Road Repair®

01 November 2012

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is the perfect solution to repair asphalt damaged by the recent extreme weather.

In recent years we have all experienced out of the ordinary extreme weather, conditions from severe flooding in Europe and Asia, earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Pacific Rim and hurricanes in the Caribbean and North America.

Such extreme weather has a detrimental affect on road networks and causes severe damage to asphalt surfaces.

Instarmac, award-winning manufacturer of Highway Maintenance Materials for over 35 years have the solution to dangerous potholes caused by extreme weather. World renowned Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is the number one solution for instant permanent repairs to potholes and damaged asphalt.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® has been tried and tested by an independent approval scheme and is suitable for use in all weathers: hot, cold and wet.

It requires minimal preparation and there is no need for mixing, priming or sealing. It can be compacted and trafficked immediately, easing congestion and reducing disruption for motorists.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is available for you to manufacture under license. Instarmac Group plc is the UK company who are behind its enormous success. With licensees worldwide already manufacturing this technology, this is an un-missable opportunity to build a profitable business.

Becoming an Instarmac licensee allows you to manufacture a truly innovative product. Each licensee benefits from a protected territory and receives technical, commercial and marketing support to help promote their latest business venture.

Contact Instarmac for an initial consultation and they will assess the suitability of local raw materials to ensure you can effectively develop your own road repair and mortar paving products.

After signing an agreement Instarmac will guide you through every step of the manufacturing process. Their technical and production experts will discuss the process of designing and building your own production plant.

From the drawing board to reality, Instarmac have low-cost production options for your initial manufacturing process, and high-end facilities for future growth. Instarmac will help you build the right production facility for your business needs.

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