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Ultracrete coverTEC® used in town centre

12 November 2012

Ultracrete's coverTEC® B125 composite cover and frame was specified by Monmouthshire County Council for a busy foot path in Abergavenny.

The council had received numerous complaints about pedestrians slipping on the previous man hole cover which over the years, had become worn and "polished" posing a health & safety risk.

Offering a superior solution for use in footpaths and cycle lanes, or where occasional vehicular access is required, Ultracrete's coverTEC® class B125 pedestrian access man hole cover resolved the issue.

Made from glass resin as opposed to conventional metal, wear is negated by the combination of the materials and design which is manufactured with an anti-slip/skid surface equivalent to a high quality road surface and maintains its non slip properties even when wet.

coverTEC® is extremely lightweight and durable as well as inert, therefore corrosion resistant. It is not electrically conductive and has low thermal conductivity.

Using Ultracrete’s M90 all purpose fast set mortar, the installation was open to pedestrian traffic just 2 hours later.

Ultracrete’s coverTEC® composite frames and covers are being adopted by companies who have increasing litigation concerns and a responsible attitude towards public or employee health and safety. Equally, companies require better performance from their manhole covers at significantly reduced cost of ownership e.g. whole life cost.

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