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Plymouth Savage Road Repairs and Surfacing

15 November 2012

Tkplay have just completed repairs and maintenance work for The play inspection company on a site in Plymouth (Savage Rd)

The play area in savage rd has been closed for the last year and was in a bad way, Various parts of the area were fire damaged and needed some serious work to bring them back to life.

We have replaced all the damaged parts on the multi units and have given the whole site a deep clean to bring the area back to life.

We also had to rethink the overall design of the park as the interlinking path way /ramp was in a state of non repair.

Tkplay suggested that the ramp and the rotten oak retaining walls should be taken out and that we should install new concrete ramps covered in our versatile Bonded rubber bark surfacing.

As you can see from the pictures it was a complete success and the customer was very happy with the improvements.

Along with the rest of the work we have replaced parts of the fencing and installed new gates and barriers, we also repainted the swings and replaced the swing seats and chains.

The site is now usable and the children of the area are very please that they have there play area back.

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