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Serum off unsightly and annoying ingrown hairs with Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum.

15 November 2012

THERE is nothing worse than spotting an ugly red bump harbouring a stubborn ingrown hair.

They are impossible to eradicate easily, and if you try and attempt to remove them by performing a minor surgical procedure with your tweezers you will almost certainly end up with a far bigger blemish than when you started.

But now there is a natural and organic way to eliminate ingrowns with Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum.

This powerful, dual-action formula contains pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes, blended with betaine salicylate to exfoliate the area where the hair is trapped.

Stubborn ingrowns are freed to reveal smooth, blemish-free skin for both men and women.

Outback Organics director, Tracey Smith said: “ Ingrown hairs are a common and embarrassing problem for both men and women and can occur almost anywhere on the body, from beards to bikini lines and everything in between.

“Generally an ingrown hair is medically harmless but it can be uncomfortable and if dug at or squeezed, can lead to scarring, skin discolouration or skin infection.

“Ingrown hair forms when the tip of the hair curls back on itself or grows sideways into the skin. It would first be seen as a small bump or spot under the skin that can grow to become a larger spot or even a pustule (pus forming under the skin).

“Our ingrown hair serum is designed to gently exfoliate the area and free the trapped hair, in an organic and natural way.”

For details on how to follow a skincare regime to avoid ingrown hairs visit 
Regularly following this routine, recommended by international hair removal expert Andy Rouillard will leave your skin smooth, soft, blemish free.

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