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How fleet managers can save trees, time and money

20 November 2012

The Fuelcard People are reminding fleet managers that just one simple exercise can not only help save the environment but also save time and money.

While many people look at fuel costs and administration when comparing fuel card providers, many overlook potential environmental savings through the elimination of using paper in the fuel procurement process.

Compared to the national average cost of fuel at the pump, fleet managers can expect to save up to 4p a litre, as well as saving admin time by replacing receipts with just one weekly invoice.

Each posted invoice means paper and an envelope, but if all fleet managers decided to receive invoices electronically, it would discontinue the use of tonnes of paper, which wont save the planet alone, but it all helps.

Through their innovative Co² Count emissions monitoring service, The Fuelcard People are the only transport sector company in the fuel card business to be appointed an official partner of Cool Earth, Europe's fastest growing environmental charity, which receives a donation for each Co²Count certificate issued.

The Fuelcard People General Manager, Steve Clarke;

“If everyone printed fewer paper documents, we would not need to fell as many trees. The Fuelcard People are asking every fleet manager to stop and think before printing anything and ask their self if it's really needed on paper. Even reducing printing by half will make a significant difference, as well as halving their paper and ink costs.”

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