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Make Ultra Floor a priority in your school building refurbishment

22 November 2012

In May this year, the Department for Education launched a privately financed scheme ‘The Priority School Building Programme’ which has the purpose of rebuilding and renewing 261 schools across England over a five year period. It is intended to address those schools in the worst condition and includes a mix of primary, secondary and special schools and sixth form colleges.

The total capital investment is over £17 million which has become available through a more disciplined approach to managing the department’s budgets. According to the Secretary of State, savings have been made by driving down the cost of new schools, shortening procurement times and challenging contractors to look for savings in all areas.

The programme aims to deliver a more efficient, faster and less bureaucratic approach to building schools by reducing wasteful processes thus new baseline designs have been developed to speed up and improve efficiencies to encourage lower build costs.

With this in mind, contractors and ministers are looking to get the best value for money when it comes to commercial flooring projects. Value for money in construction involves completing a project to time, cost and a level of quality that meets the need. A good project will continue to provide value for money and meet user needs throughout its lifetime and contribute to the environment in which it is located. Therefore investment in a quality, proven, fast track system plays an essential part in achieving this.

The Ultra Floor range of commercial flooring products consists of levelling compounds, primers and damp proof membranes, all of which are designed to deliver high performance, quality and longevity.

Ultra Floor’s levelling and smoothing compounds offer a range of solutions for the busy contractor; for a fast track product, choose Level IT super30, it sets after 30 minutes and decorative floor coverings can be laid after just  3 hours – great for projects where a quick turnaround is required such as in schools and hospitals.

Ultra Floor’s latest innovation, Level IT three multi-component bag and bottle system, offers the end user versatility, and consists of a polymer modified cementitious powder that can be used with either liquid A Super Dry, for enhanced drying or liquid B, Super Bond, for use over most old adhesive residues.  Ultra Floor Level IT two is a latex leveller suitable for a variety of projects from school classrooms to retail stores and football stadiums.  Its compatibility has established it as a multipurpose product and it is currently Ultra Floor’s best selling leveller.

Ultra Floor has already being used in a number of refurbishment projects within the education sector; Level IT smoothflow, highly flowable concrete levelling compound, has transformed two school sports hall in Nottingham. The product’s superior flow properties provided a perfectly smooth substrate for the synthetic indoor floors to be laid onto. Level IT two and Prime IT N polymer emulsion primer, were used to lay vinyl flooring throughout the classrooms and laboratories at Landau Academy in Staffordshire. Level IT two’s formulation is free from ammonia, creating a very low odour material ideal for confined areas such as classrooms.  Level IT one HDB, single part concrete smoothing compound, was used to lay 3000m² of Ege bespoke broadloom carpet in Havant Academy in Hampshire. It is ideal for areas that require a greater depth and can be laid from 3mm to 50mm in one application.

Ultra Floor’s range of flooring products and systems provide a comprehensive portfolio of fast-track, user friendly products ensuring both cost savings and value.  Help improve your business’s efficiency and make it your system of choice!

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