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Pocket Sized Hangover Kits

10 December 2012

For all of our American cousins who will be nursing hangovers this week after Thanksgiving, and those planning Christmas parties we have the perfect, nifty little hangover kit to get anyone through the day after

Anyone who has had too much drink before knows the unpleasant flip side of a night on the tiles, the dreaded hangover…. That horrible morning-after feeling that usually involves a banging headache, sickness and the desire to stay in bed until it goes away.

Whilst the best hangover cure of all is not drinking in the first place (courtesy of the NHS website), we all know this is rarely an option at the office Christmas party.

Not to worry help is at hand with this pocket sized hangover kit, available in Blue, Purple and Red each contains; a cooling gel eye mask to soothe your eyes and headache, a pack of mints, A 5ml face spray to refresh the skin and wake you up and a refreshing wet wipe. Alka Seltzers, Rennie and Vitamin C tablets are optional extras.

So go ahead and enjoy your Christmas parties, but just in case on those nights when you just enjoy life too much, make sure there is a hangover kit waiting for you in the morning.

Full details at Bio Laboratories on or telephone 0161 903 9520

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