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Loveshellac Salon Locator Live - created by sweet squred Co-Founder Samual Sweet

29 November 2012 is buzzing with red ‘blips’ all over the country, showcasing professional CND Shellac nail stylists and salons who have added their details to the LoveShellac Salon Locator created by Sweet Squared Co-Founder Samuel Sweet.

Having started this well over a year ago, Sweet Squared’s mission has been to help the consumer find a true CND Shellac salon with certified Shellac nail stylists manning the desks!!  We can actually determine that salons are using all the full-service Shellac power-tools like the CND UV Lamp, Shellac Top and Base coats to Shellac colours and of course Remover Wraps (as opposed to soaking nails in dreary bowls of acetone). 

The Shellac loving consumer (of which there are legions) expects high standards from her CND Shellac Nail Stylist and we’re going to make sure she gets that high-end Shellac Power Polish treatment! 

We have been working closely with our professional customers to make this happen and the real beauty of is that only Sweet Squared Shellac purchasing customers who are regularly buying CND Shellac, can add their details.  “This means that through editorial and PR, we are directing our consumers to salons where they can be assured of the true Shellac Power Polish service they crave” says Sweet Squared’s Samantha Sweet! 

Thousands of Sweet Squared customers around the UK have signed up to the LoveShellac Salon Locator giving the discerning UK nail loving consumer, ample opportunity to get her beloved Shellac Power Polish treatment, wherever she may reside! 

Watch out for the next LoveShellac Salon Locator upgrade - Master Painters either mobile or within salons rise to the top with a special heart shaped blip!!!   More on that later!

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